Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 5th..the Oprah Show!!!
Here is how the morning went:
4:30 up and getting ready.
6:00 take a cab to Harpo Studios
6:00 to 7:00 waiting in line to go inside, go in and have our id's checked and any cameras or cell phones put in bags for safekeeping.
(Just a mention..when i got to the desk where they asked us for ID's, when I gave them mine, the staff member said, Oh, you must be the one from Forks! I replied. Yes I am! I got the impression the whole staff knew I Was coming, but not so sure if OPrah herself did..that is left to the unknown I guess.
7:00 -8:30 taken in a special waiting room for an hour and a half awaiting our seating in the recording studio itself.
8:30 to 9:00 we are seated in the studio..we are given a pep talk by one of the staff, music blaring, we are up and screaming and shouting and dancing and getting pumped up for the Oprah Show..and the Cast of Eclipse!
9:15..Oprah enters the scene.. APPLAUSE, SCREAMING, CLAPPING..she chats a bit with us..states that this special show is one that you are very lucky to be on if you got to..and your guest even more lucky. That ran a little shiver down my spine..Wow! one of those Wow moments for sure.
the show begins taping...
Just for a short can fill in the blanks if needed.
Oprah introduces the cast.. AGAIN APPLAUSE, SCREAMING CLAPPING,,,and the hot Rob appears and Kristen and the Ab man Taylor appears..And the place goes crazy..Twi hard crazy..
It settles down..Oprah begins the intros and there are movie clips and then the actual interviewing of the cast.
I won't give the full would spoil it all.
so just some to get your taste buds ready for watching it yourself.
Some of the questions were What do you do on Saturday evenings? Taylor I hear you have never touched a drink or smoked a cigarette. Is that true?
Is Taylors dad in the audience? Hmmm welll, watch and you will see..A question for Rob and Kristen..Are the rumors true? Are you really going out? Kristen dodges the bullet passes it on to Rob, he dodges the bullet and says; Kristen is pregnant!! So not true to please do not take that literal.
Okay more scenes and some suprise visits by Rob and Taylor to some homes of Twihards..the Twilight Moms are visited and that was very cool. And they attend the show also.
Later on Dakota Fanning is introduced and then a little question period there and some clips and then as suddenly as it began, it was over. And no question and answer period which kind of surprised me..because we were led to believe that there would be.
So somewhat a disappointment there, but not a huge thing by any means..It was all good no matter what..We didn't get autographs after..they stayed later for a radio show evidently. And so that was not to be. Sooo all of is a new name I just heard recently (Twilight Tweakers) this is just a taste of what we experienced in Chicago at the OPRAH SHOW AND ECLIPSE SNEAK PEEK!!!

The Oprah Show Experience

Eclipse Sneak Peek
The movie was in my opinion the best so far and I think Natalie would agree with me on that one also.
Very true to the book..Loved the fact that the Rosalie story was put in and how she became a vampire..Loved the action..lots of it..the werewolves and vampires unite and it was way cool.
Bella still torn back and forth with her love for Edward and her love in a different way for Jacob..Rob looked hot as always, and Taylors abs were still there!!! Yes! And Kristen was still well Kristen! I think the director did a really good job in this one.
Maybe the best so far..left to the beholder on that..
Lots of humor added at just the right time..I don't want to say more than needed because it would spoil the movie for everyone, but try to stick to general things.
Bryce Dallas ..I am assuming was Victoria? I honestly have not kept up on that as I should..But she did a very good Victoria. So it won't be a disappointment by any means.
There were a few more graphic scenes in this one than the others so be prepared for that!